Hyperloop Connected Think Tanks: Pricing the Hyperloop

By Delft Hyperloop, April 2018

On April 26th, Hyperloop Connected was launched in the D:Dreamhall in Delft. During this event, students participated in think thanks about the Hyperloop concept with Delft Hyperloop partner companies. This article are the results of one of these think thanks, written by Kester Brons.

How much should a one way Hyperloop ticket between Amsterdam and Paris actually cost? This was the question that was posed to our group, and which led to many enthusiastic discussions, and day-dreaming about a future in which Hyperloop travel is viable.

We were welcomed with coffee at the TU Delft DREAM facility where we were introduced to the partnering companies which were coaching the think tanks. The event had attracted a very diverse group of people, including a German Hyperloop team that had come all the way from Oldenburg. This led to our team being a mix of Dutch students and German Hyperloop engineers being coached by Brunel. Although our backgrounds were diverse we had one thing in common, an interest in Hyperloop!

After some discussion we decided to think about the price in 2 dimensions; what price are people willing to pay for a ticket and what should the ticket price be to cover all costs. Using cost estimates from Elon’s white paper, work previously done by the German team and careful assumptions we came to the conclusion that by charging higher prices during the peak business hours we could charge a 50 euro one way price for the off-hours. Based on current train and plane tickets that seems quite reasonable!

After the brain storm we were all invited to the Dream Hall where all think tanks presented their findings. Then it was time for the main event; the presentation of the Hyperloop Connected platform. After a vibrant presentation everyone was buzzing and excited to further contribute to the development of Hyperloop!