About Hyperloop Connected

Hyperloop Connected was built by Delft Hyperloop, together with other Hyperloop teams, to solve a few problems we encountered in the technological development. Currently, there is no comprehensive overview of who is working on hyperloop and what they are working on, which is inefficient. A lot of double work is being done because students/student teams do not have a logical place to share their findings and visions. This is also a pity because the impact of the work done is limited. Big companies also keep their R&D very low profile for IP questions. Also, a lot of people still do not know what hyperloop is.

Therefore, we have decided to launch Hyperloop Connected together with other European Hyperloop teams. This website will contain:

  • An interactive world map of all governments, companies, student teams and university staff working on hyperloop
  • Vision articles from inspiring people, companies, universities and students
  • Tech articles from European Hyperloop teams
  • The basics on hyperloop so anybody can understand how it works

Through Hyperloop Connected, we want to maximally contribute to the development of Hyperloop technology by sharing the knowledge we have acquired by being on a Hyperloop team and bringing together several parties.