How to submit an article

You can contribute to Hyperloop Connected by writing an article related to hyperloop which can be published on this website! Whether you are a (high school) student, PHD candidate, manager of a large company or a government employee, everyone can submit an article.

Two different types of articles will be accepted to be published on Hyperloop Connected:

  • Technical articlecan include the conclusions of (academic) research on the hyperloop system or subsystems, the development of new promising technologies or any other technological breakthrough. These articles should contain detailed analysis, proper arguments and detailed technological results.
  • Vision article;   can include anyone’s vision for the future of hyperloop and must be understandable for people without a technical background. These articles
    should not contain many technical details but should rather be inspiration.

After you have submitted your article, it will be reviewed to see if it meets the quality standards explained below by Delft Hyperloop. After approval, you will be notified and we will publish your article including your name and organization.

Quality standards:

  • The articles should be written in proper British English, should not contain any abusive language.
  • The article must be related to the hyperloop system or to a relevant subsystem and should clearly fit in one of the two aforementioned categories.
  • The length of the article shall be no more than 750 words and no less than 250 words.
  • It is recommended to include a photo or image that we will publish along with the article. This image should be copyright free or should come with permission to publish of the owner.

Send an email to [email protected] if you have a proposal for an article.